New ballet classes are available


Since the pandemic online learning has become more vital then ever. Our online ballet school grew since then more than ever. Thanks to your feedback we've created some extra courses. These courses are especially selected by our teacher for the best education and performance in ballet.

It's very important to stay fit during these days. Nevertheless it's also very important to get fit before you start practicing ballet. Therefore we've made a course specially focused on the fitness before and during ballet.

The second new course is maybe the most popular one. This course is focused on obtaining the splits in ballet.  

Getting in shape for ballet

It is very important to get in shape before practicing ballet. It doesn't matter how and where you practice ballet. Without proper preparation, injuries can quickly occur. We have already written extensively about these injuries and how you can possibly prevent them.

Proper warm-up is vital to avoid possible injuries during ballet. The muscles are extremely important during the dance and the exercises.

We have therefore decided to set up a special course that is specifically aimed at warming up and how to stay fit with ballet. This course is accessible to everyone and also remains very affordable. After all, nothing needs to be earned from someone's health.

The course can easily be found via our course page. You only pay a one-time fee to keep streaming the videos. So you have unlimited access to this warm-up and it is a nice tool to use when you want to practice ballet at home.

Obtain the split in ballet

Without a doubt, the split is the most sought after movement in ballet. However, it is a movement that you can master with a lot of practice and patience. However, we have a nice selection of instructional videos that can give you a good push in the direction. This way you can still practice the split from home or start with the split.

As with all ballet moves, warming up for a split is very important. Perhaps it is even more important in contrast to all other movements. After all, countless muscles are pushed to the maximum. The instructional videos show just this good warm-up before the split.

As you may expect, we will also consider the split itself below. During the warm-up you get a great build-up to the popular movement. However, it only becomes clear how far you really are in the last videos. And has it not worked yet? Then just try again.

Just a one-time fee

Unlike our other courses, we offer the above lessons on a one-time payment basis. This means that you only pay an amount online once, after which you have direct access to the teaching material.

The costs you pay are mainly intended to keep streaming the videos. In addition, we offer this teaching material for specific purposes. For example, there was a lot of demand for just the split or the warm-up. In these current times it seemed only natural to us to offer these courses at a reduced rate.
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