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Barre is an important aspect of ballet training, serving as a fundamental tool for dancers to improve their technique, strength, and posture. A barre is a horizontal bar, typically mounted on the wall at hip height, which is used for support and balance during a ballet class.

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Learn at the barre

The barre in ballet is and remains an important part. Often the first exercises even start at the barre. With these videos you too can take these first steps in ballet.

Personal touch

Not everyone has the same level in ballet. The videos are therefore designed in such a way that everyone can easily learn ballet at the barre in their own time. From a beginner to a professional.

Everything you need to know about the barre


In a traditional ballet class, the barre serves as a warm-up for the dancers, helping them to prepare for the rest of the class. During the barre portion of class, dancers perform a series of exercises that target specific muscle groups and movements. This includes plies, which help to build strength and flexibility in the legs, as well as tendus and battements, which improve coordination and control of the legs.


In addition to its role as a warm-up, the barre also helps to develop proper technique, as dancers use it as a guide to maintain their alignment and balance. The barre serves as a helpful reference point for dancers, allowing them to focus on their posture and movements without worrying about falling.

Injury prevention

Another important aspect of the barre is its role in injury prevention. The repetitive movements and weight-bearing exercises performed at the barre help to prevent common dance-related injuries, such as strains and sprains, by building strength and stability in the muscles. The barre is also an effective way for dancers to build endurance and increase their overall fitness level, helping to improve their performance both in class and on stage.

Start your first movements in ballet with the barre!

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Andrew Greenwood has many years of experience in ballet. He's teaching the world's best and fine balletdancers. 
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