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How to do a split in ballet

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The split, also known as a Grand Jeté in ballet, is a highly impressive and graceful movement that requires a significant amount of strength, flexibility, and technique to execute correctly.

Ballet dancers use the split to create a dramatic visual effect, often incorporating it into leaps and jumps. To perform a split, a dancer must jump into the air and extend one leg forward while keeping the other leg extended behind them. This creates the illusion of a split and adds a level of difficulty to the movement.

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Work on the split in ballet 

The split is the move everyone wants to learn in ballet. It's very hard to obtain this technique. With our step-by-step guidance we try to learn you how you can achieve a split in ballet.

Personal touch

 In our video's we'll guide you in the right balance of your capabilities. Every balletdancer is in that way very different. Every start is difficult, but with the right movement you can get very far with ballet.

Everything about the split

How to achieve the perfect split

To achieve the perfect split, dancers must practice regularly and engage in stretching and strength training exercises to build the muscles needed for the movement. Additionally, they must work on their balance and control, practicing the split with slow, controlled movements before building up to a full split.

Not without danger

While the split is a visually impressive movement, it is important to note that it can also be dangerous if performed improperly. Dancers must take care to warm up and stretch thoroughly before attempting the split and should always use caution when attempting to increase the height or speed of their splits.

Fundamental movement

The split is a fundamental movement in ballet and is often taught to young dancers as they progress in their training. However, executing a proper split requires more than just physical strength and flexibility; it also requires proper technique and control. A dancer must be able to maintain their balance and control the position of their legs and arms as they perform the split.

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