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How to do a split in ballet

Nina Guyzniy

Professional ballerina

John Smith

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Nick Black

With this course you'll get all the instructions you need to obtain the split in ballet.

It was never that easy do start practicing on the split in ballet with our step-by-step instruction video's.

What's included?

  • 17 videos
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  • Life-time access
  • Pure oriented on obtaining the split in ballet

Work on the split in ballet 

The split is the move everyone wants to learn in ballet. It's very hard to obtain this technique. With our step-by-step guidance we try to learn you how you can achieve a split in ballet.

Personal touch

 In our video's we'll guide you in the right balance of your capabilities. Every balletdancer is in that way very different. Every start is difficult, but with the right movement you can get very far with ballet.
Meet the instructor

Andrew Greenwood

Andrew Greenwood has many years of experience in ballet. He's teaching the world's best and fine balletdancers. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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